This is where you make your heroes. You must get them approved by administrators.


  1. All heroes must have a weakness(For example: Superman's weakness is Kryptonite)
  2. No unreasonable powers(Powerful powers that kill people in one blow, destroy the world, godlike powers)
  3. You may only be on one team, and you may NOT be on a villain team
  4. No copying other ideas from people(Be creative)
  5. No cannons(Cannons do not exist in this dimension)


Follow this template. You may copy and paste this.

Name:First "Nickname" Last

Superhero name: (Nothing stupid or unreadable like: Asdfghjkl or Buttman)

Age:(If Young Justice it can't be older than 18) (If Young Justice it must be older than 18)

History:(At lest two paragraphs long)

Skills: (like fiighting, hacking, building, etc.)

Powers: (Like flight, super speed, etc.)

Weakness: (Can be multiple, but must be at least one)

Team: (Young Justice or Justice League)

Weapon/Equipment/Gear: (Any extra equipment your character carries like a utility belt, gun, sword, etc.)


Enter your hero here!

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