This is where you make your lantern members. You must get them approved by administrators.


  1. All lanterns must have an original language that they speak without their ring.
  2. Their rings must be recharged every once in a while.
  3. You must fit your corps(The corps you want to enter must make sense with the character you are entering)
  4. Everyone is from somewhere. Krypton still exists and was never destroyed, so there may be Kryptonian lanterns.
  5. All lanterns must be at a reasonable age, and lets pretend that they are all human and age the same way.(Nobody may be over 150 years no matter what race they are)


Follow this template. You may copy and paste this.

Name: First "Nickname" Last


History:(At lest two paragraphs long)(please include how and why you received the ring)

Corps (Red=Rage, Green=Will Power, Blue=Hope, Indigo=Compassion, Violet/Sapphire= Love, Yellow=Fear, Black=Dead(You can only be black if your character is dead, which means you must have created it and then died, and are now resubmitting, we will be looking for your previous character page), White= Life(You must be Black before white)

Race: (Human, Martian, etc.)

Original Language: (English, Martian, etc.)


Enter your lantern here!

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