Please read and follow the rules below.

General RulesEdit

  1. You must be logged in in order to participate
  2. For every page you make, you must wshow that it is yours, whether you sign it or simply say it belongs to you. If you don't know what signing is, just add four tildes--> ~
  3. Please avoid inappropriate language. Even though this is an age limited wiki, there may still be wanderers, and there are still things that are inappropriate.
  4. Be nice and have fun

Character RulesEdit

  1. Your character must be approved in order to continue
  2. No cannons. This is a different dimension, so none of the cannon characters exist in this world. You may have a similar name, but you can't have a well known hero's name (Ex: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.)
  3. No godmodding (Nobody is invulnerable, and nobody can destroy the world with one power in one second.
  4. No killing other characters(If it's not yours, you may not kill the character)
  5. No bunnying(You don't know their names, and you don't know about previous conversations between other two people. Only exception are mind-readers)
  6. Once you are approved, you also must have a character page

Roleplay RulesEdit

  1. Talk in 1st person(You are the character, so talk like it)(ex: I walked into the room and was astounded by what I saw)
  2. No graphic descriptions(You may kiss, date, marry, and more, but we REALLT do NOT need to know all that stuff. Just brief descriptions, please!!!)
  3. You cannot be in two places at once. (This means that you can't be roleplaying in two locations at once.
  4. No spies(Heroes don't know what the villains are doing and vice versa(Do not go into each other's headquarters)
  5. You must have a word bubble(unless you're OOC)

Image PolicyEdit

  1. Do not take someone's image(No two images of two different characters should be the same)
  2. No pictures of celebrities(People like Emma Watson, Christian Bale, Taylor Swift, Tom Huddleston,etc.)
  3. Realistic or Anime(it can be of a real person or anime character)
  4. The image must be appropriate(No girls in underwear or people nude) (Guys may be shirtless, as long as there is nothing inappropriate)